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IEF is an independent, community-led network that exists to positively impact electronic music culture by facilitating a platform for discussion and collaborative action.

IEF advocates for the long term sustainability of our ecosystem by bringing together voices with shared values and a common purpose: to help understand one another’s perspective, discuss ideas and develop projects to help the industry work more effectively together.

IEF participants are people involved with independently owned companies and self-employed workers from across the electronic music community. IEF is a work in progress, evolving from its initial purpose as a response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are now working to develop into an organisation that can respond to other critical issues felt across the ecosystem.

IEF aims to build a diverse network of people interested in being heard, and contributing their knowledge and skills to support the future development of the industry. If you would like to be contacted by IEF in the future please fill out the form below.

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